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Two years ago, after I went through a bad breakup up, I realized I had been planning our entire future. I had visions in my head about a wedding and living together in our apartment. Plus dreams of building a business together, traveling, and leading an incredibly exciting life together. When he and I broke up, I still felt really hung up on him. I really wanted that life. I needed to let go. This was my future that I designed. There was no reality to deal with, just the perfect vision in my mind. This happens to us all the time. Some people call it future-tripping.

It can be a helpful tool for some instances, because it can help you create a life that you love. We do this in all areas of our lives- the perfect job, having a family, ideal family vacations or holiday dinners, and the list goes on. I bet if you got honest, you could name three different futures you have in your head that you are mentally playing out right now.

To deal with letting go of this future, a girl friend and I created a ritual. We decided we needed to honor the death of the dream.

Pema Chödrön Quotes (Author of When Things Fall Apart) (page 21 of 28)

Giving it respect seems like the most natural way to let go and move on. We realized that honoring a dream death helps on so many levels. We find the process is best when you have a compassionate witness by your side, instead of trying to do this alone. Make sure the person is a compassionate listener, which means that they will let you say whatever you need to say and not try to fix it, diminish it, or make it go away. This needs to be someone that can sit with you in your shit and hold your hand. First, we get honest. And honesty is where everything begins. We acknowledge what we were hoping would happen.

Saying it out loud brings it to the light, and somehow bringing it out loosens the grip in my brain. It also acknowledges that we are probably going to experience grief and the whole host of emotions that come with that. It somehow normalizes it, and that gives me a bit of comfort. Next, we write a letter to the dream. In my case, since it was a breakup, I wrote the letter to my ex.

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I described everything I thought we would have together and how I was feeling. You could write it to anyone or anything. Get everything out that you need to say. I'll make the best bracers to ever exist in this world.

Lets see here. I'll use blue steel for the blade and then use leather and some steel for the bracer.

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He wanted it hidden so it can't be too heavy. This is an interesting design though, I wonder how he thought of it. He didn't even react when I said somebody might kill him.

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Also what does that mean. Fucking brats. I hate them. Atleast he gave me something interesting to make, I was gettin bored outta my mind just making fucking swords and spears for the government. Why the hell do they need so many in the first place?

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Whatever, they'll have to wait, gotta make these bracers first. I like that old man. I think he'll do a good job on the hidden blades. Now time to get married to a vampire. Yea I'm gonna accept her offer, the advantages are pretty good and if anything happens I'll incase her in eternal ice. Just kidding, I don't know how to create eternal ice yet. In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement.

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