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At CBN, our focus is on you. Our state managers are there to provide advice, assist in a problem or simply lend an ear when you need to talk things through — helping you achieve business success. Access a range of markets to ensure you compete for and win your target clients. We also support you in meeting individual complex risks or those unfamiliar to you and can support you approach and navigate London markets.

We understand you may have a busy period, get ill or need a break. We can offer qualified resources to assist during these times. Gain confidence and skills through our induction training, and ongoing professional development, delivered at your office, online or externally through:.

Since changing Authorised Broker Networks to CBN in June , the central support, partnership strengths and end value for our clients has placed Connect Business Insurance where it is today. In the industry that is constantly evolving, it is comforting knowing we have the expertise, skills and knowledge of the amazing support staff at CBN which is further enhanced by the relationship with Steadfast. CBN allow us to maintain ourautonomy as a local broker and at the same time leverage our scale with leading insurers and underwriting agencies.

It really is the best of both worlds. With a genuine focus and commitment to helping their Ars succeed in all aspects of their business this trusted relationship sets CBN apart from other network offerings. CBN has enabled our business to grow due to the fantastic business support provided. If we require additional help, the Broker Services picks up the slack. We know the administration and compliance is taken care of, leaving us to do what we do best, look after our clients.

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The culture of CBN is attractive to us, as it fits with our family, nurturing values. They care about their Broker network. We love being a part of the team. Being a new Authorised Representative of Community Broker Network this is my first week , I have been very impressed with the helpfulness and efficient support I received thus far.

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  • Nothing is too much of a bother or effort for the support team andthe training received has been thorough and the trainer had a great understanding of what we required from a systems point of view and was able to handle all queriespromptly and efficiently. The team have all been very warm and friendly.

    I have now been with the CBN Network for 12 mths. The service level from both phone support and personal interaction has been exemplary.

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    Being a new business owner can be daunting. CBN have assisted me with quality systems access, compliance, product training and benchmarking. I knew nothing about how the AR model worked and was pleasantly surprised when every item on my list of criteria was ticked flexibility, access to systems, independence, control of the client servicing process and solid renumeration.

    The added bonus was the backend Broker Services now Broker Partnering which has allowed me to have some downtime from time to time and recharge the battery knowing that my clients are well looked after in my absence.

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    Having been an AR now for just over 4 years it has provided me with a solid income stream together with the flexibility to work the hours that best fits my family. To sum it up the CBN model is a custom fit for me. When we were looking to join an Authorised Broker Network, we were looking for two attributes.

    Insurer scope and autonomy. We want to be able to offer the best option for our customers, CBN provides us with access to an extensive insurer network and most importantly Steadfast exclusive markets. We feel supported in every aspect of our business, from communication, training, systems and insurer disputes when we need it , but also have freedom to grow our business in our own direction.

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    There is the opportunity to experience sightseeing May 28, 0 comment Company updates. On May 16, Travelance participated May 15, 0 comment statistics , Super Visa. One of the most significant markets for brokers who sell travel insurance is visitors to Canada. According to Destination Canada, a government research source, Apr 26, 0 comment company. In April, Travelance welcomed over individuals for training, in-person and online. Travelance hosted five in-person seminars, where Travelance Representatives provided three informative, free Call: Get A Quote.

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