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Addition: What if we had a Sword Caster Warthog? Goes into Rocket Warthogs. Show More Show Less.

Great idea! Has shields that cover the driver and warthog not covering gunner.

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Armor is stronger. BTW, the rockets are called Ion Missiles.

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Above Hannibal's head, as he continues to converse casually and unaware in the slightest, is suspended a sword. The decorated silver and gold blade is double-edged and sharp, pointed only at the very end. The hilt is ornate and weaving with designs of diamond and precious metals, creating a pattern arabesque and puzzling out to the left and right like the arms of a cross. The sword is large and thick, at least half of his height and then some, just levitating there in midair about a metre and a half above, waiting to fall down upon his head and impale him upon that polished blade.

A closer stare of eyes wide and unyielding in fear shows the glint of a thread, a single strand of thin and glimmering horsehair as smooth as silk, affixing that dangling sword to the ceiling above. There is strangely nothing above the head of Will Graham.

Oh, how precious it looks! The blade of that elaborately-crafted sword shines in the sunlight from the window, and it reflect Will's expression across from Hannibal, an expression so calm and collected and sweet but troubled beneath the surface. It is as precious as it is a poison!

The sword, reserved for those in positions of unspeakable power, represents the befitting plight of it all on the other side of the same coin. What can be a blessing of power and wealth, is very much a curse the same, and now it has become frighteningly tangible for the psychiatrist now unaware of it looming above him like a ticking clock. Heavy thudding of a black stag stalking in the distance threatens to shake the blade free of that single strand of hair, threatens to send it falling right into the midline of Hannibal's slick hair and brilliant head, to end his life in a manner most dramatic.

The Sword of Rome: Marcus Claudius Marcellus

The sweet potency of epinephrine hits Abigail's bloodstream exceedingly suddenly, flooding her body with an unmatched sympathetic response. It dilates her pupils to saucers, tenses every muscle with an unbidden energy, and quickens her heart rate until the echo matches that of the heavy thudding of stag hooves in the back of her mind. She wants to reach out and scream, run and push Hannibal out of harm's way before that perilously thin thread will snap and leave a scene obscenely grizzly and gruesome.

Fear twisting her gut into a mess, like a fist reached in and grasped her stomach harshly, Abigail can barely move.

She is tense, but when her chin begins to tilt backwards, she feels so sick all of a sudden that she wishes she could stop. She wishes she didn't have to look, but she cannot cease the movement now. So when Abigail's own head is tilted back from where she is seated at the desk, directly in her line of sight comes a glimmering steel thick and unforgiving as the one above Hannibal's head. Every moment of her heart shaking in her chest and staring up at the blade hanging just above her own head, is one more writhe of it there.

The single strand of hair buckles and sways under the stag's heavy-footed locomotion, the twangs of her heartbeat sending shockwaves through her own body…it will not last. Still and horrified, Abigail stares her own death in the face. The Sword of Damocles will fall upon her now, for like Damocles himself she cannot withstand the responsibility of bearing it all, the position she's been placed into.

She hadn't adapted, and this is her reward. As the Sword begins to fall above her, Abigail breaks free of her spell and lowers her head and gaze, everything moving horribly in slow-motion just then. Like a black and white film, it moves very slowly and blearily, stuck in a haze. As she looks back to the two men seated there, she is surprised to find that both of their gazes are now directly upon her. Her, they look right at her!

But their stares are not horrified, and they make no move to help her! Why, why, why do they not rush forward and steal her away from the blade falling down to her skull from above?! Both gazes are lucid but suave and smooth, unmoving and emotionless, just hollow stares at her. Hannibal's eyes are more forgiving, however, up until that very second when they aren't.

That sword above his head dangles still, but it's as if the release of her own thread has caused the tightening of his. His blade remains remarkably stable now, thread taut but firm and unmoving, and that very same sense of conquering shines across those maroon eyes clearly. A curl at the corner of his lips leaves her stomach in a nauseous mess. Hannibal was always the King Dionysius, power and wealth bequeathed to a blade which he could very well withstand with ease. But Abigail, she was always the consort Damocles, frightened immediately of such power and wealth, just as much as she had always been fascinated by it.

Hannibal and Campania - The Sword of Rome: A Biography of Marcus Claudius Marcellus

In the end, one was strong and the other was not, and thus the blade plummets. It pierces her through and yet she does not scream. Close shave: Hannibal Hellmurto made an astonishing stage comeback, five weeks after tearing a hole in his wind pipe when a stunt went wrong. Hellmurto was discharged from hospital last week after a five-week stay in hospital to overcome his horrific injury - and he made a stunning stage comeback. Fellow performer, Joanna Sawicka, said: 'The accident happened mid way through the second half of the show in Bradford.

And it contains Mercury as well as also being powered by electricity, any of which would almost certainly kill you if it goes wrong. Consummate professional: Hellmurto finished his performance - despite his terrible injury. The former German Tax Official - who had a radical career change when he started performing in the travelling show Circus of Horrors - shot to fame when he performed on Britain's Got Talent, performing in front of David Hasslehoff. The year-old, who this week performed for the first time after his accident in front of 24, people over two days at Birmingham's NEC, said: 'There wasn't much going through my head, more something going through my throat.

The next thing I knew I was in hospital with tubes sticking out every which way. Amazingly, Hellmurto is now back on his feet and taking part in the Circus of Horrors latest tour. But the swordsman is giving the deadly neon lit knife that almost cost him is life a wide berth. He added: 'I'm going to give it a miss for a while, at least until I have built my confidence back up.

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Hellmurto will continue with the Circus of horrors as it begins its UK tour in Southend next week. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Hard act to swallow: Sword stunt goes wrong as swallower tears hole in his windpipe Performer finishes the stunt before being rushed to hospital By Kerry Mcqueeney Updated: GMT, 5 January 32 View comments.

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